Dear Well Meaning Everyone,

I understand that there are  ”…starving children, tens of thousands of refugees, rapes and racial epithets, a spiraling death toll [in Africa]…”, but I hope that you know that the VERY SAME thing is in America, too. 

And just to give you a glimpse:

So before you run to fix whichever country in Africa or some other poor, backward country, fix your own first. Check your privilege. And your White Savior Complex. It’s getting annoying. 


I just picked up my sister from her school, and we saw a lady driving her car, and her bull dog sitting beside her on the front seat. We both think she was talking to the dog, too.

Neither of us blinked. Completely normal in the United States of America. And no, I don’t say that with any sarcasm, or stigma either. 

Of cultural identities, boxed in labeling, and identity crisis II - The idea of nationalism

The other day, I had a very interesting conversation with my boyfriend. Before having this conversation with him, I had tried to explain to a close college friend my “identity crisis” that I was facing. But I suppose at that time since the questions hadn’t become very clear in my mind either (or so she said), I was not able to explain myself very well to her. Perhaps I assumed automatically that she’d understand (because for a lot of things, we are on the same wavelength). But alas, I was wrong. 

And then I approached my history professor. Her specialty is Central Asia and teaches courses on Islamic history, History of Modern Middle East, on Afghanistan and such. So I thought she would be right person to approach. And I was glad I did. She seemed to understand what was happening within my head. And talking to her and hearing her feedback helped clarify some things in my own mind, too.

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