"This is one of the main reasons, women of colour, third world feminists, black feminists etc. don’t recognize themselves with mainstream white feminism. The issue is that mainstream feminism views everything from a single lens perspective. They view themselves to be white saviours who can move ahead and fix the situation of women around the world, even if it means lack of understanding and respect of others’ culture, religion and identity."

Canadian Pakistani Ayesha Asghar and Chilean Muslim feminist Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente share their wonderful thoughts in Towards a Recognition of Multiple Feminism: The Voice of Muslim Women.”

More insightful comments by them:

The same trend has been witnessed by the rise of Islamophobia in West especially after the incident on September 11, 2001. We do recognize that patriarchy exists in our cultures and there are some serious issues around women and their access to basic rights, but we are not in favour of the fact that western white women, can come up and speak on our behalf. We are more than capable of speaking up for ourselves. This act of taking space and leadership by white women on issues of women of colour and Muslim women, de-legitimatizes and reduces the impact of our work. This places women of colour and esp. Muslim women in a difficult position where they are fighting patriarchy in their spaces but they also have to ask ‘white women’ to back off.

“I hate how the west has robbed the label of “progressive” from us” [said] Paco Bernal.

Great read.

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Dear Well Meaning Everyone,

I understand that there are  ”…starving children, tens of thousands of refugees, rapes and racial epithets, a spiraling death toll [in Africa]…”, but I hope that you know that the VERY SAME thing is in America, too. 

And just to give you a glimpse:

So before you run to fix whichever country in Africa or some other poor, backward country, fix your own first. Check your privilege. And your White Savior Complex. It’s getting annoying.