The thing with ‘transethnic’ people. There is white people being oppressive and pretending to be of another race so that they get to act like they somehow don’t have all the privileges of being white. But there’s another problem too.

There are actually people who have a legitimate claim to their culture/ heritage/ nationality and are denied it. The Burmese Muslims in Burma, denied their heritage as Burmese, driven out from their homes, called illegal despite having lived in a place for many generations. The Palestinians, denied their home. The Roma, thrown into a racial stereotypical image of ‘gypsy’ and denied their true culture even as they are persecuted for it. There’s more I can add to the list.

This is not a game. Oppression isn’t something selfish, self centered, uncaring white kids with internet access and nothing good to do have to endure. ‘Transethnic’ is a mockery of the oppression of real people with a real culture that they are denied go through. We DIE for trying to reclaim our identity. Do you hear me? People DIE because of racism. You, white person, will never suffer that, will never have to be afraid of that. You do not have a right to the culture of which you are not. The end.